Clinton let her thoughts fly during a Wednesday event in New Jersey
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Hillary Clinton is using Donald Trump‘s Trump University as ammo against the republican presumptive nominee.

According to CNN, Clinton sounded off during an event in New Jersey on Wednesday night, saying that Trump is trying to do to the American people what he did to those who bought into his real-estate training program.

“He is trying to scam America the way he scammed all those people at Trump University,” she reportedly said. “His own employees testified that Trump U – you can’t make this up – that Trump U was a fraudulent scheme where Donald Trump enriched himself at the expense of hard working people.”

The accusations from the former Secretary of State reference documents in an ongoing lawsuit over the organization that were made public on Tuesday.

Clinton continued at the event in the Garden State, reportedly adding that the real estate mogul is a “fraud,” as well as “unqualified and unfit” to hold the highest office in the land.

“Trump and his employees took advantage of vulnerable Americans encouraging them to max out their credit cards, empty their retirement savings, destroy their financial futures, all while making promises they knew were false from the beginning,” Clinton said, according to CNN. “This is just more evidence that Donald Trump himself is a fraud.”

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The presidential hopeful’s comments didn’t stop there. Taking a page from her opponent’s playbook, Clinton took to Twitter, sharing more opinions in a lengthy tweeting spree that echoed her earlier sentiments, again calling out Trump for the way he ran Trump University.

“Trump’s candidacy is built on his business ‘credibility,'” she tweeted. “But his business record matches his character: His only concern is his own profit.”

On Wednesday evening, the billionaire took to Twitter himself, seemingly responding to Clinton’s slew of criticism.

“Crooked Hillary Clinton is a fraud who has put the public and country at risk by her illegal and very stupid use of e-mails. Many missing,” he wrot