Martin O'Malley Has a Kilt and Other Facts We Learned About the Democratic Candidates During Tonight's Forum

It wasn't just politics on the table during this forum

Photo: Chuck Burton/AP (3)

The most unusual thing in Martin O’Malley’s closet? A kilt!

And that’s just one of the many revealing – non-policy related – questions that host Rachel Maddow posed for the three remaining Democratic presidential candidates.

In the mix of standard questions on the economy and foreign policy, the Democratic candidates were asked a few other questions – and the answers are worth revisiting.

Martin O’Malley

1. He believes both high speed rail and space exploration are worthy investments for the nation.

2. If he had to, he would fish for his own food rather than hunt it.

3. And – best of all – he owns a kilt (it was a gift!)

Bernie Sanders

Before Maddow got started, Sanders was predicting the questions on his card: “How many pairs of underwear do I have, is that it?” he asked before quipping “Am I really Larry David?”

Those weren’t in the lineup of questions, but he did give a few more answers:

1. His dream job outside of politics? President of CNN (or NBC!) – so he can change the way politics are portrayed in the media.

2. When it comes to what technology has made irrelevant, Sanders says he misses paper books – and simple peace and quiet.

3. Does he curse? “Not on this show!”

4. But Bernie wants voters to know: “People think I am grumpy,” he said. “Too serious. They don’t see that I have seven beautiful grandchildren who are the joy of my life.” (You can say it – Aww!

Hillary Clinton

1. If she could learn any language, Hillary would pick Spanish. “We have a lot of Spanish speaking people in our country!” She says she’d like to be able to communicate with them better.

2. When it comes to being an introvert or an extrovert, she can’t decide: “I like being with people, but I like time alone.”

3. If Hillary had to pick a 2016 Republican candidate for her Vice President, who would she pick? Well, she wouldn’t. But it’s not about the party – it’s about the candidates. “There are Republicans I could pick, she said. “Just none of them.” And she fully admits she’s avoiding the question: “The fact is, I am dodging it.”

4. What does Hillary think of when she hears the phrase “hush puppies”: Food, footwear, or Fido? The first two: “Eating hush puppies in my hush puppies.”

5. The last question Maddow asked Clinton: If she could go back to her wedding day and tell her younger self about her political future, would she encourage her to run for President – before her husband? The answer was a definitive no. She said: “That was not in her mind!”

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