Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump: Photographic Proof That at One Point, They at Least 'Looked' Like Friends

Back in 2005

Photo: Maring Photography/Getty/Contour

A lot can change in 11 years.

Back in 2005, Bill and Hillary Clinton were VIP guests at Donald Trump’s wedding to his wife Melania – and it sure looks like all four had a pretty good time.

No one is expecting anything even close to a warm reunion if, as Super Tuesday voting suggests, the fall general-election campaign for president is a Clinton-Trump face-off.

Despite the chummy wedding scene and tens of thousands of dollars of Trump largesse – the billionaire businessman has, over the years, given at least $100,000 to the Bill, Hillary and Chelsea Clinton Foundation and made multiple cash donations to Hillary Clinton’s various political campaigns before this one – whatever there was between the two has definitely soured.

At the first GOP debate back in August, Trump was asked what he “bought” with those donations of his to the Clintons.

“With Hillary Clinton? I said, ‘Be at my wedding.’ And she came to my wedding,” Trump boasted. “You know why? She had no choice because I gave.”

Hillary Clinton hardly acted wounded by this.

“I happened to be planning to be in Florida and I thought it’d be fun to go to his wedding, because it’s always entertaining,” she said at a press conference last August, two days after Trump’s remarks in the debate.

“Now that he’s running for president, it’s a little more troubling,” Clinton added.

And, in an interview with PEOPLE just a month ago, Clinton was even more blunt: “We were not friends.”

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