"I went from living with my mom right to living with Chad," the Oscar winner tells InStyle

For Hilary Swank, who announced last May that she was divorcing her husband of eight years, Chad Lowe, being by herself is an entirely new experience.

“I’ve never lived alone before, ever,” the double Oscar winner, now starring in Freedom Writers, tells InStyle in its February issue. She also says she doesn’t have a permanent address and is hunting for a new home.

“I went from living with my mom right to living with Chad,” says Swank, 32. “Now with traveling a lot and not staying any place for long, I have a box filled with floating receipts, makeup I’ll never wear, random dog toys and a stack of greeting cards I pick out for friends, which inevitably end up in some storage unit.”

Swank’s independence has translated into an international adventure: She has performed charity work in India, vacationed on Italy’s Lake Como and acted in three movies back-to-back, according to the magazine.

But being peripatetic doesn’t keep her from being domestic. “I love Italian food and I make my own pasta,” she says.

It also doesn’t mean she’s alone. As PEOPLE first reported in September, Swank is keeping company with her agent, John Campisi, who reportedly is also going through a divorce.

“I’m in a relationship with a great guy who’s not a public person,” she tells InStyle, “and I want to respect that. But, yes, I am in a relationship.”

Campisi was with Swank on Monday as she received her Hollywood Walk of Fame star, proudly snapping photos and grinning widely as he stood beside her mother Judy and her grandparents from Iowa.

“I was so lucky to have people who believed in me and told me I could do anything in life,” Swank told the crowd at the ceremony, “and that starts with my mom.”