The romance between Alec and Hilaria Baldwin is very much still alive

By Dave Quinn
June 24, 2017 01:49 PM
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Credit: Source: Hilaria Baldwin/Instagram

They’ve been married for five years, together for over eight, and have three children. But the romance between Alec and Hilaria Baldwin is very much still alive.

On Friday, the two engaged in a steamy PDA — making out at an outdoor event.

Hilaria shared video of their sexy smooch to her Instagram Stories, labelling the video with a caption that explained “Alec wants me to post this.”

Both were dressed to the nines — Alec in a navy blazer and coordinating shirt and Hilaria in a low-cut matching navy dress with circle cutouts.

Credit: Hilaria Baldwin/Instagram

Alec, 59, and Hilaria, 33, have often showed off their intimate moments on social media — albeit mostly home videos and snaps of their kids (Carmen Gabriela Baldwin, 3, Rafael Thomas, 2, and 9-month-old baby Leonardo Angel Charles) at birthday parties and family vacations.

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In her book The Living Clearly Method, Hilaria wrote about how Alec’s health was in trouble when they first met — and how she helped get control of his eating problems.

Though she was afraid to address the situation with him at first because they had just started dating, she noticed the problem right away. “After years of eating out, eating late, and eating too much, he’d fallen into some bad habits without realizing it,” she said. “His sugar intake was far too high, not just due to sweet foods and white carbs, but to pasta, sauces with hidden sugars, and snacks.”

After he was diagnosed by a doctor as being at “pre-diabetic levels,” Hilaria helped Alec immediately revamp his diet — cutting out all pastas, bread, refined carbohydrates, sauces, and fruits while working out every day.

“This was an alarming wake-up call that rocked him to the core,” she said — adding that the change helped him lose “a lot of weight” plus restore his body chemistry and blood sugar to a normal level. “This episode completely changed his relationship to eating. By hitting a crisis point, he gained a new perspective on some of the unhelpful habits that became his normal without realizing it.”