"I think one day when he goes for a job interview, an employer will say, 'Hey you've never missed a day of school,' " his mother Regina Lewis says

One high school senior in Virginia has more than one reason to celebrate his graduation this weekend.

He hasn’t missed one day of school in the last 14 years, according to WSLS.

“I always went to school, there’s no getting around it. I mean, that’s priority number one pretty much – going to school,” Landon Lewis, the Franklin County High School senior in Franklin County, Virginia, told the news outlet.

His teacher, Charles Jamison, who has been teaching for 35 years, says this is a first for him as well.

“I’ve had students with very good attendance, but I don’t believe I ever had anybody come close to 14 years of no days out,” he told WSLS.

Although Lewis’ mother is impressed, she also says her son had luck on his side all those years.

“It happened by pure luck. He got lucky a few times – he did have a flu bug and it was over winter break, so you didn’t miss school,” Regina Lewis told the outlet. “He knew he had to go to school just like I know that I have to go to work every day, and he knew he had to go to school every day.”

For Lewis, who plans on getting a job or going to Patrick Henry Community College or Virginia Western after graduation, says he didn’t miss a day because going to school is just something you have to do.

“There’s a few days I didn’t want to come to school, but you have to push forward through it. You just go. That’s what I’ve done the whole time. You just have to go,” he said.