They better learn how to stick to the status quo

By Diana Pearl
Updated March 03, 2016 09:00 AM
Disney Channel/Everett Collection

Minds are spinning at the news that High School Musical is making a comeback – mostly because this time, it’ll be with an entirely new cast.

It’s an understandable (although heartbreaking) decision. After all, the first movie premiered a decade ago, so it would be a tough sell to convince audiences that Zac Efron and co. are still high school age.

But even though the East High originals may be moving on, there’s lots to look forward to – and here are a few suggestions of who.

The cool new girl: Keke Palmer
After Grease: Live, we know Palmer can handle high school – and she’s got the vocal chops to take on the Gabriella-esque role. We’d also like to see Palmer bring her signature attitude (that we saw in both Grease and Scream Queens) to the role, giving it a decidedly different-than-Gabriella spin.

The high school hottie (with a good set of pipes): Justin Bieber
Zac Efron brought two major things to his role in HSM: good vocals and killer abs. The Biebs has already proved he has both in spades.

The basketball-playing best friend: Nathan Sykes
He’s only released a few singles, but that’s been more than enough to prove he’s got his head in the game when it comes to music. Also, he’s adorable – just like Corbin Bleu.

The drama queen: Bella Thorne
She may not like Hollywood "mean girls" – but she definitely knows how to stir up a controversy. And after Shake It Up!, we know the girl’s got moves.

The sidekick: Harry Styles
Just like high school theater vet Ryan Evans, Styles is used to being on stage. Not to mention, he takes extra care with his personal appearance.

The brainy BFF: Lorde
She’s wise beyond her years, just like East High’s resident intellectual, Taylor McKessie. Plus, it’s about time the BFF character got a solo of her own.