We couldn't help but dream up possible subplots for the new Hey Arnold! TV movie

By Grace Gavilanes
Updated November 23, 2015 04:45 PM
Credit: Nickelodeon/Everett

Kids of the ’90s, rejoice! Hey Arnold!‘s chief fourth graders and boarding house residents are returning to our lives with an upcoming TV movie that is said to pick up where the beloved series left off.

While there isn’t really any info out yet on what we can expect from our football-headed hero and his group of friends, E! has learned the anticipated TV movie – which comes more than a decade after the series’ final episode – will focus on Arnold’s mission to find his missing parents, a subject that was formerly introduced in an hour-long TV special in 2002.

Blame it on our penchant for ’90s nostalgia, but we couldn’t help but dream up possible subplots for the upcoming flick. Keep reading to find out what we’re betting will most likely go down in Hillwood – in 2016, no less:

Arnold Goes on a Quest to Find His Missing Parents Using Social Media

And since every fourth grader in 2016 seems to be well versed in all things digital, Snapchat will be Arnold’s go-to.

Gerald Becomes a YouTube Sensation

In case you forgot, Arnold’s BFF has a singing voice that’s as smooth as butter (check out his chops here.) It’s not until Gerald teams up with a YouTuber (think: Miranda Sings or Tyler Oakley) that the Hillwood native finds success performing covers of Top 40 hits. Will his instant fame help Arnold’s search?

Helga Accidentally ‘Likes’ Arnold’s First-Ever Instagram Photos

A.k.a. the worst thing that can happen during a casual stalking session. Although Helga confessed (and ultimately retracted) her true feelings for Arnold in the show’s big-screen debut, something tells us a suspicious Instagram sweep will be enough to get the two really talking. #Helnold4Ever

Phoebe Wins a Once-in-a-Lifetime Opportunity to Travel the World

Think of it as a kind of Nicholas Kristof’s “Win a Trip” contest for fourth graders. Helga’s best friend – who also happens to be the smartest girl in their class – submits the winning essay in a writing contest that grants Phoebe the opportunity to travel abroad with a friend. Spoiler alert: she chooses to take Arnold (whose parents were last seen in the area she’ll be heading to) rather than Helga, who sent a string of embarrassing tweets about the winner two weeks earlier.

Oskar Studies to Become an English Language Teacher

After getting the hang of the English Language (thanks to Arnold!), the boarder, who hails from Czechoslovakia, takes on a reading goal to improve his English – which leads to daily trips to the library, where he stumbles upon a clue that could possibly help Arnold find his parents.

Grandma Gets a Book Deal – Prompting an Important Decision

The kooky – yet totally lovable – matriarch of Arnold’s boarding house becomes the successful author of a Hunger Games-meets-The Notebook epic that leads to a never-ending book tour, prompting grandma and grandpa to decide: is it time to sell the boarding house now that they’re living like nomads? What will that mean for its other residents?

Abner Falls in Love

Yes, we’re talking about the pet pig. And no, it’s not weird. Everyone’s a fan of a lasting love story – even if it is between pigs.