Hewitt's Tale Clipped

Britain’s Mail on Sunday newspaper has canceled its plans to serialize a kiss-and-tell memoir about Princess Diana by her former lover James Hewitt after receiving a letter from her brother, Earl Spencer. After news first leaked about the deal, in which Hewitt was said to be receiving close to $1 million for the excerpt from the book (based on dozens of love letters he received from Diana), Spencer wrote to editor Peter Wright. He asked Wright to “look beyond the monetary value” and to consider that Diana “was a sister, a mother, an aunt . . . not just a personality,” said Shelly-Ann Claircourt, the earl’s spokeswoman. There were also reports that Earl Spencer contacted Prince Charles, enlisting his assistance in the matter (despite a notable coldness between the two.)

  • A publishing source in England who read the book excerpt told The PEOPLE Daily that the information it contains about the Royal Family is “an absolute bombshell.” A spokesman for the Mail told London’s Daily Telegraph that the tabloid decided the book is unsuitable for serialization after receiving the full manuscript.
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