James Madison University students really, really like their study buddies

By Diana Pearl
Updated September 04, 2015 03:10 PM
Credit: Courtesy James Madison University

Hoping the old adage “ring by spring” is true for your college experience?

If you listen to statistics, then it’s best to stay away from James Madison University.

Mobile dating app Clover recently analyzed their data to evaluate the trends happenings at colleges across America. The findings? James Madison University in Harrisonburg, Virginia, ranks the highest for students looking for hookups. The University at Buffalo and the University of Kansas rounded out the top three for hookup-seekers, with the University of Oregon and the University of Maryland coming in fourth and fifth place.

For the old souls out there, consider Western Kentucky University – they nabbed the top spot for wanting love, followed by Florida State University and Columbia University in second and third place.

And it seems that no matter what your sexual tastes are, be it Fifty Shades of Grey-level dorm action or reserved, students can find a student body that fits in the south: The University of Georgia ranked first for “Most Kinky,” while the neighboring University of Mississippi ranked first for “Most Reserved.” Other, ahem, “kinky” schools include Iowa State University, Texas State University, Pennsylvania State University (must be something in the water at state schools) and Northwestern University.

The hookup culture of a potential university: Just as important in the college selection process as the class sizes or the dining hall food, right?