Her continues a screen tradition: Ryan Gosling, Andrew McCarthy and now Joaquin Phoenix cozying up to objects

By Erin Clements
December 23, 2013 09:50 AM

In Spike Jonze’s acclaimed new film Her, the titular pronoun refers to the female voice of a computer operating system, with whom a lonely writer (Joaquin Phoenix) falls in love. Sexy Scarlett Johansson plays the Siri-esque tool, making the premise a little more plausible.

In honor of Her‘s release this week, let’s look back at some of the other movie characters who’ve been smitten with inanimate objects over the years.

Ryan Gosling plays a delusional introvert who shuns the advances of a cute coworker in favor of a relationship with a blow-up doll named Bianca, whom he introduces as a paraplegic missionary of Brazilian and Danish descent. Because it’s Ryan Gosling, we can’t help but root for this should-be-creepier character.

As an ancient Egyptian princess reincarnated as a department store fixture, Kim Cattrall is almost as seductive here as Samantha Jones. No surprise, she captures a lonely Andrew McCarthy’s heart.

Kristy Swanson steps into the plastic title role in this sequel, about a mannequin who was frozen 1,000 years before by an evil sorcerer using a special necklace. (Clearly a sale item.)

Like Jordan Catalano, the geeky teen in this Stephen King adaptation is in love with a red Plymouth – but this one’s haunted.

The pivotal love scene between Harrison Ford and Sean Young gave us a glimpse of human-android hookups in Ridley Scott’s dystopian cult classic.

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