See This Mom's Time-Lapse Video of Her Futile Attempt to Put Twins to Bed

For Norway's Henriteete Jonassen, trying to get her twins to go to sleep was a Sisyphean ordeal

Photo: Henriette Jonassen

For Norway’s Henriette Jonassen, trying to get her twins to go to bed was a Sisyphean ordeal.

With the long summer days in the Scandinavian nation, her two toddlers Leon and Nathaniel absolutely refused to sleep.

As Jonassen wrote on her blog, her normal routine of tickling and songs simply wasn’t working any more; it was taking more than 30 minutes for the two boys to go to sleep.

And so on the advice of a friend, she tried out a new bedtime routine, putting Leon and Nathaniel in separate rooms. She was fairly skeptical of its efficacy, so she set up a video camera to document the experiment – with amusing results.

As the video proves, her attempts quickly became a game of bedtime Whack-A-Mole: as soon as she’d put one moppet away to bed, the other would wander out, over and over and over again.

The charming video soon went viral, and Jonassen found herself facing a host of questions about her parenting skills: Why didn’t she have curtains on the windows? (She did, they just blew open from a draft.) Why weren’t the boys together? (It was part of the experiment.) But she pushed back on accusations that she should have been more strict with her children.

“I live in Norway, and if we hit our kids we lose them,” she wrote. “Thank god for that! I live in a peaceful country with low crime, and I love it here.”

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