Helen Mirren Wins Subway Etiquette

The Red 2 star demonstrates perfect decorum on the N.Y.C. subway

Photo: David M. Benett/Getty

Rude subway etiquette has become an epidemic in New York City.

To combat the rise in poor manners, the Metropolitan Transit Authority launched its "Courtesy Counts, Manners Make a Better Ride" campaign this year – and now the public is taking notice of Dame Helen Mirren‘s impeccable riding behavior.

In a photo snapped by Instagram user Jason Lowe, we see Mirren demonstrating all the tact and class one would expect from a card carrying member of the Order of the British Empire.


Note how her bag is placed politely on her lap, while her body is confined respectfully to one seat, allowing the gentleman sitting next her plenty of leg room. (Some might say a little too much leg room – watch those knees!)

New Yorkers have been reporting possible subterranean Mirren-sightings on social media for some time – but Lowe’s photograph offers rare proof that the Academy Award-winner does in fact ride the train alongside us mortals.


Mirren’s subway decorum should be an inspiration to all New Yorkers – but that doesn’t mean every celebrity holds themselves to such high standards. Tom Hanks was recently caught in the act of some manspreading.

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