Photography: Jordan Nuttall

"I want to become a galaxy star," says the Hills actress

January 12, 2010 12:45 PM

Move over Britney Spears! Three years in the making, Hills star Heidi Montag is finally releasing her debut album Superficial.

“I want to make the new 2010 version of a pop star,” she tells PEOPLE. “I want to become a galaxy star.”

Of the album, (available on itunes she says she “wanted it to be a fun, empowering mix that you could really dance to.

And what about title: Superficial? “That’s the world I live in and how people think I am but it’s really just the surface. People are just getting to know a whole new Heidi. I put my heart into this music and it’ll really show.”

Listen to Montag’s song, I’ll Do It here:

Here are some choice lyrics:
Pick me, take me, off up into ya dungin
I brought some treats
I know that you gon love em
Come eat m panties off of me
Do whatever you feel comes naturally

Cuz I wanna let my hair down
Is that alright
Is that okay (eh eh)
Cuz i wanna let my hair down
Is that alright is that okay (eh eh)

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