Aiden Chase, who replaced Spencer Pratt in guiding her career, channels "healing energy" – and sees the future

By Mike Fleeman
March 12, 2010 05:15 PM

Skeptics, beware: Aiden Chase knows what you’re thinking, and it’s not just because he’s psychic.

The new manager for Heidi Montag accepts and understands that not everybody’s onboard with his profession – he’s called a “healer and intuitive” – and he’s okay with that. In fact, he’s in the okay business. He helps people feel better about themselves and guide their futures – futures, he says, he can often see (unless sports bets are on the line). He also says he has the ability to communicate with spirits, including dead celebrities.

From PEOPLE’s chat with the Malibu-based man who’ll now be overseeing Montag’s career instead of her husband Spencer Pratt, here are six things you need to know about Aiden Chase:

1. He’s a Recent Part of Montag’s Life:
“One of my clients referred me to Spencer and Heidi. I went up to their house, just after Heidi’s surgery, doing healing work, energy clearing, helping put their future paths on the map. For about a month, Heidi has been asking me: ‘Be my manager.’ When I really thought about it, really meditated, I realized I have been doing the job anyway. They had been consulting with me, [asking]: ‘What do you think about this?’ It had been working for them.”

2. "It" Is Sort of Like What Mom Used to Do:
“I’m a healer and intuitive. What that means is I’m able to channel healing energy. How I like to describe that is love energy. How your mom wipes your brow and you feel better – she’s actually sending her healing energy to you,” he says. “What we do with a healing is we set an intention and put that into effect by stating or saying: If you ask for it, it will come. I channel in the energy and it neutralizes what needs to be cleared, whether it be mind, body or spirit.”

3. Yes, He Knows Some People Think He’s Nuts:
“I’m the biggest skeptic of them all. I’m skeptical of people who do my work, too. I’m okay with that. People have different opinions. That’s great. I love what I do. A lot of people enjoy and receive great benefits. Sometimes, enlightenment is not taught, it’s caught. So you can’t push it on people. If you want to, and it feels right, then great.”

4. He Can See the Future:
“First and foremost I’m intuitive. I’m using that gut instinct, that third eye that we all have. I just have a heightened sense of intuition.”

5. But He Doesn’t Know Who’ll Win the College Basketball Tournament:
“It’s funny. It doesn’t work that way. Otherwise, I’d be playing the lottery and winning.”

6. He Speaks to Spirits, Some of them Famous:
“Gene Kelly is one. He represented himself to me about a year ago. I kind of got a picture in my head of him. One of my iPods just switched to different songs, which is an interesting paranormal phenomenon, and on came a song from An American in Paris. I was like: ‘Oh. I listened and paid attention,’ and he goes, ‘Hey, brother boy, this is Gene Kelly, I’m here to help you.’ Ever since he whispers in my ear a little help. It’s really an amazing, cool and beautiful thing.”

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