David Becker/Getty
October 30, 2010 04:30 PM

Just a month after calling off her divorce, Heidi Montag is back to gushing about Spencer Pratt.

The surgically enhanced reality star, 23, is currently in Las Vegas for the Pure Nightclub Halloween party she is hosting on Saturday, where Pratt will be in attendance. “Fortunately, we are together,” Montag tells Doug Elfman of Las Vegas Review-Journal, “So it’s been a long summer, and we are together, and I’m so excited to be in Vegas together and to have our friends there.”

No word if the reunited Hills couple will have matching costumes, as Montag wants her outfit to be a “surprise” but promises it will be “super cute-sexy.” She will also stay clear of gambling on her trip, saying, “I definitely don’t have enough money to go gambling. In this economy, I’m keeping every penny.”

Not only is her marriage back on track, Montag is thrilled with her new figure. “I’m definitely feeling the best I’ve ever felt.”

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