Heidi Klum Completely Transformed Into a Cartoon-worthy Jessica Rabbit for Halloween

All her work earned Klum lots of A-list admiration, including from Jennifer Lopez and Gigi Hadid

Photo: Andrew Toth/WireImage

After weeks of teasing, Heidi Klum finally revealed her 2015 Halloween costume. And it was another knockout!

Klum, 42, dressed as Jessica Rabbit, the iconic bombshell from Who Framed Roger Rabbit, complete with overswelled lips, hips and hair.

Klum shared a behind-the-scenes look at her transformation for her Instagram followers on Saturday, as her face and body were slowly covered up by effects and makeup (all with her own hashtag, of course: “#heidiHalloween”).

The team behind the change? Mike Marino’s Prosthetic Renaissance.

Heidi Klum: Her Changing Looks!

All that work earned Klum lots of A-list admiration.

“you legend! QUEEN OF HALLOWEEN,” Gigi Hadid – who went all in on her own costume as Sandy, from Greasewrote on Instagram in a photo of the pair at Klum’s New York City bash, sponsored by Svedka Vodka, on Saturday.

Klum and Hadid ran into the much spookier Jennifer Lopez and Casper Smart, who dressed as black-tie couture skeletons, with eerie contacts and bone-white makeup.

This year is only the latest in Klum’s tradition of transformations. In years past, she’s gone as an alien, a cadaver and an old lady.

“I like to surprise my guests and to encourage them to go all out, as well,” she said in 2013.

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