November 21, 2005 06:00 AM

Raising two kids younger than the age of 2 isn’t easy. But Heidi Klum has a secret weapon: husband Seal, who can change a mean diaper. “Sometimes he’s better at that than I am,” the supermodel – and mom to 2-month-old Henry and daughter Leni, 1 – says with a laugh. The German catwalker, 32, needs all the help she can get. Just weeks after giving birth, she walked the runway in the Victoria’s Secret lingerie show (which airs on CBS on Dec. 6) and she’s hosting the second season of her Emmy-nominated Bravo show Project Runway, premiering Dec. 7. Klum talked with PEOPLE about juggling career and family and sitting in the judging seat.

How are you balancing work and caring for two babies?
It is challenging, it’s hard. I didn’t really want to go back to work. I just want to stay at home. The weeks that I had off when I had Henry, that time just flew by. I never had off that much time – only when I had my daughter. But it’s really about scheduling and having a great mom – my mom helps a lot – and a great husband. I have great help around me.

Seal clearly has a lot of patience.
I think that’s why we’re very attracted to each other. I’m very much the Speedy Gonzalez – I do a thousand things. When we go, I pack the bags in 10 minutes – I have this bottle, that bottle, diapers. I put the car seat in and the stroller’s already in the back. He’s still talking to Henry or putting a clip in Leni’s hair. It takes longer for him, but I love that – he really takes his time.

Are you already seeing a difference between Henry and Leni’s temperaments?
Boys eat so much more than girls do. His voice is very manly when he screams. His head was already up when he was born. Leni was two or three months when she could lift her head. The first day, people thought we were lying but we were like, “No, his head is already up.”

What do you see of Seal in your son?
Right now it’s really just the looks. Everyone who sees him says, “Oh my god, he looks just like Seal.” And I’m like, “He has nothing of me? C’mon, there must be something of me in there somewhere.” And they’re like, “No, sorry, he looks just like his father.” I’m a little sad about that (laughs).

Heidi Klum enjoys a stroll with daughter Leni and husband Seal in Beverly Hills in August.

You were back on the red carpet at the Emmys six days after you had Henry. How did you muster up the energy to do that?
The energy was not the problem – I always have energy. I was full of energy after I had Henry. I’m very fortunate that way. For me the pregnancy was perfect, the birth was great – I had a great time with it. A lot of people aren’t as fortunate. I didn’t want to miss being nominated for an Emmy for the first time I did a TV show in America. It was huge. Also, I didn’t stay out and party. I was there for the show and I went home.

Tell me about this season of Project Runway.
I have to say that the second time around it is much easier to get a lot of people to participate. We had a lot of people knocking on the door wanting to be judges. Michael Kors and Nina Garcia from Elle will be there again. Our 16 designers are a crazy, different bunch.

And the first season’s winner, Jay McCaroll, is also a judge.
He is – he’s very snippy. I was very surprised – shy little Jay has turned into quite a character himself. Good for him – he deserves it. It’s amazing how some of the Project Runway people have become little stars. I was just doing a small thing in a movie and I was speaking to Meryl Streep and she’s a huge fan of the show. She was like, “I love Austin Scarlett, he’s amazing!” I’m very proud of that.

On the show you get to evaluate people, rather that being evaluated as model. Is that fun for you?
Even though I’m a model, I get to wear and pick a lot of outfits when I do a photo shoot, when I’m on the red carpet. I try to pick pieces that are interesting. You always look for unique things from a new designer. I throw the ball at them, how does the ball come back to me? Is it interesting or is it just a random, boring, play-it-safe thing? Who wants that?

You also have some design projects of your own – a line of jewelry and Birkenstocks.
This year I put a lot of Seal’s lyrics into the shoes, which I wrote on myself. They came out really, really cool.

Would you ever think of doing a duet with your husband?
We sing all the time, just no one hears it. It’s probably better that way.

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