The Project Runway star and mom of four says she's already got her hands full

By Charlotte Triggs Michael Y. Park
October 13, 2009 12:00 PM
Barnsley/Symons/Pacific Coast News

Newborn daughter Lou Sulola Samuel will likely be the last child for Heidi Klum and Seal.

“Yeah, we think so. It’s a lot!” Klum, 36, told PEOPLE last month. “The noise factor around our table is unbelievable. There’s so much going on … My husband sit and look at each other and say, ‘Soon there will be No. 4 at the table. It will be even noisier!’ ”

And she’s not going to miss being pregnant, either.

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“I think that it’s a wonderful experience to be pregnant, definitely, but you have to look at what you can do, and four children is a lot!” she said. “It’s a big family. We drive a really big VW bus. Now in September, all three children will be going to school. Try to fit three car seats in the back of the car!”

Happily, she has oldest daughter, 5, to assist around the house. “Leni will be helping,” Klum says. “She says now, ‘I wanna help with the baby!’ ”

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As for the reaction of the others children to the new arrival, their mom thinks they will simply have to be patient – if they can be. Says Klum, “They will realize, Oh, she will not play with us because she can’t walk and she has no teeth and she can’t speak. They probably think she s going to come you, put on her sneakers and they are going to go ride their bikes on the tennis court.

“They will be surprised that she won’t be doing anything just yet.”

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