Heidi Cruz is not letting Donald Trump bring her down

By Tierney McAfee
Updated April 13, 2016 12:20 PM
Credit: Samuel Corum/Anadolu Agency/Getty

Nothing fazes Heidi Cruz.

In a new interview with Megyn Kelly Tuesday night, the wife of GOP hopeful Ted Cruz broke her silence on the affair allegations against her husband, and on Donald Trump‘s retweet of a meme criticizing her looks – saying she pays neither incident any mind.

Asked about the recent National Enquirer report alleging her husband has had affairs with five different women, Heidi called it “garbage” and echoed the Texas senator’s accusation that Trump peddled the story to the press.

“It’s garbage. It’s just garbage,” Heidi said on Fox’s The Kelly File. “This is another example of Donald Trump engaging in the politics of personal destruction, using his henchmen to go out and try to destroy others when he is losing. And I think these silly barbs and made up stories did not come out earlier in the campaign because he felt he was doing okay.”

Kelly pointed out that Trump has denied any involvement with the story but Heidi insisted, “Well, I have no doubt these things are made up in certain place for a certain reason.”

Heidi also discussed Trump’s retweet comparing her appearance unfavorably to that of his wife, retired model Melania Trump.

“Well, one great thing about me, Megyn, is I don’t tweet. So I had an ability to completely ignore it,” Heidi responded with a laugh.

“I think we have a pattern of behavior here that when Donald Trump is falling behind – you know it’s interesting, the timing of that was right before Ted’s sweeping victory in Utah.”

“Yeah, but that’s a dodge,” Kelly said, pressing Heidi to share how the retweet made her feel.

“You and my dear friend Carly [Fiorina] have been the object of some of Donald’s criticisms,” Heidi responded. “But I know why we’re running this race and it’s not for Donald Trump. It’s for the voters of this country. And when you have a husband who’s standing by you who is so strong and so unflappable it really gives me a lot of strength, and I have to honestly say it didn’t impact me in the least.”

And as for the rumor that Ted is unpopular among his colleagues in the Senate and from law school, Heidi says her husband is actually very well-liked and “a lot of fun” to boot.

“One of the things that attracted me most to Ted Cruz was all of his friends,” she said.

“If you’re dating someone and you don’t like their friends, you might want to think about that. Ted had an incredible group – has an incredible group – of friends who are thoughtful people, who are contributing greatly to this country, who do hard things, because it’s the right thing to do.”

“So this likability thing really is, I think, a misnomer for people who aren’t getting much done,” she added.