January 24, 2007 08:25 AM

Heather Mills’s sister has launched a scathing attack on Paul McCartney and his alleged refusal to provide personal protection to his estranged wife and their daughter.

Fiona Mills, 36, has released a statement in which she claims her 39-year-old sister and niece Beatrice, 3, have received death threats and have not been cared for like other members of the McCartney clan.

“The main reason that I am responding is that I am deeply concerned for the safety of my sister and her daughter,” Fiona Mills writes on http://www.heathermills.org under the headline “Enough Is Enough!”

“They are receiving death threats, not because she is getting a divorce, but because some of the British tabloids decided from day one that they wish to destroy her. … Heather and Beatrice no longer receive the protection that would be afforded to any other member of the McCartney family facing such threats.”

When asked by PEOPLE about the allegations, reps for McCartney declined to comment. Similarly, reps refused to comment on security arrangements in place for any family member.

Fiona Mills also hints that the former Beatle’s side is responsible for a rash of stories since the couple separated in May.

“We have been accused of creating publicity stunts and leaking information to get publicity,” she writes. “This is not true and is a ridiculous accusation considering all the publicity is negative. It is not hard to work out where the inaccurate information is coming from.”

The claims are denied by pals of McCartney, 64. “It’s absurd to claim Paul is behind the leaks,” says a friend of the singer. “He doesn’t do that sort of thing. Neither would he provide inadequate protection for Bea or Heather.”

This is not the first time Fiona Mills has used the Web site to defend her sister. In February 2005, she posted a series of “Fact and Fiction” posts, in which she listed 32 claims about Heather, each one repudiated at length.

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