Plus: Her publicist quits because she's "attacking newspapers"

By Kate Stroup
November 01, 2007 09:00 AM

Video courtesy of Today
Note to Heather Mills: It may be time to enroll in PR 101. One day after the former model accused the British press of engaging in a “hate campaign” against her – a sentiment she loudly echoed on Thursday’s Today show – Paul McCartney’s ex was lambasted by nearly all the morning newspapers.

The Sun – one of the papers which regularly refers to Mills, 39, as “Mucca” for her topless modeling past – splashed “Mucca on the Edge” across its front page, describing her as “out of control” and “wild-eyed.”

London’s Daily Star took a more seasonal approach, declaring, “Halloween? Mucca’s Far More Scary!”

Meanwhile The Mirror characterized her round of interviews as a “day of unhinged ranting.”

When Today host Matt Lauer suggested that Mills simply put her head down and not read the newspapers, she responded by saying that she has received death threats.

Compounding her problems, Mills – who’s still engaged in a messy divorce from the former Beatle – has been dropped by her publicist, Phil Hall. He confirms that the two parted ways Oct. 30, on the eve of her press tour.

As Hall tells PEOPLE, “It doesn’t sit [well] with our company when one of our clients is attacking newspapers while we are trying to build relationships.”