Heather Locklear Is Under a Doctor's Care: Source

The actress is seeking recovery "without an in-patient program," the source tells PEOPLE

Photo: John Shearer/WireImage

Heather Locklear, who was hospitalized earlier this month after mixing wine and prescription medication, is currently “under a doctor’s care” – but is not in rehab, a source close to the situation tells PEOPLE.

The former Melrose Place beauty, 50, who has struggled with anxiety and depression for years, is now seeking help in her own way, and those who are close to the star are hoping she’ll recover quickly.

“Her family and friends haven’t given up hope, but they know that for her to get well, she has to want it for herself,” the source says. “She’s the only one who can do it.”

Despite some earlier reports, the source says the actress is not at a treatment center and has instead “decided for now to seek recovery without an in-patient program.”

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