Heath and Matilda Leave Footprints in Brooklyn

The actor and his daughter secretly left a concrete impression in their neighborhood

Photo: Brad Barket/Getty

As friends, family and colleagues talk about the imprint Heath Ledger left on their lives, his neighbors said the 28-year-old actor left something even more permanent in Brooklyn – with a little help from his daughter Matilda.

Roger Lang, who lived across the street from Ledger and Michelle Williams during the then-couple’s time in Brooklyn, tells PEOPLE it was Ledger who put the markings in wet cement near the fire hydrant in front of their house. “The Matilda thing in the sidewalk with the footprints, he did that about two years ago,” Lang says. “It was a secret. It was a fun thing. He did it as a surprise for his family.”

The 2-year-old’s name is perpendicular to the word HUGO, which is the name of a neighbor’s dog. On Wednesday some carnations wrapped in plastic were placed near the spot.

Adds Lang: “He was full of life. He’d call my father Matey. ‘Hi Matey.’ Because he was in World War II. They’re great people and it’s very tragic. They loved Brooklyn. They wanted to be a part of the neighborhood.”

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