In an exclusive clip from Begin Again, the actress performs a stinging breakup song – to Adam Levine
Credit: Andrew Schwartz

You’ve seen her emote. You’ve seen her emote in smashing period costumes. Now be ready to hear actress Keira Knightley sing.

Sing and emote possibly more than ever.

In this exclusive clip from her new comedy-drama, Begin Again, she sings a freshly written breakup song into the voicemail of her now former lover, played by Adam Levine (with a beard). That’s British actor and Tony winner James Corden on keyboard and plastic kazoo.

Knightley, 29, who’s married to a rock musician, James Righton of the Klaxons, sings with the anger and frailty of a born indie-label princess.

It’s not the sound anyone anticipated when she was reportedly being considered for a My Fair Lady remake a few years ago.

The story: Gretta (Knightley) moves to New York City with her boyfriend and songwriting partner Dave (Levine), but soon becomes a mere accessory and then an emotional inconvenience when he becomes a hot, up-and-coming star. She crashes with an old friend (Corden) and starts making her own music with the encouragement of a burned-out music executive (Mark Ruffalo).

Begin Again, which opens June 27 in limited release, is written and directed by John Carney. He’s the man who made Once (2006), another movie about music and romance, now a Broadway musical.