He Wants to Be a Millionaire?

A North Carolina grad student who was mistakenly told he gave the wrong answer on TV’s “Who Wants to Be a Millionaire” increased his winnings in a return visit Sunday but backed out before answering a $250,000 question. David Honea got his first question right as he continued an earlier run on the quiz show but declined to answer the second question, deciding instead to pocket the $125,000 he’d already won. (First question: “Which was the last horse to win the Triple Crown?” Answer: Affirmed. Second: “Approximately how much saliva does the average human adult produce each day?” Answer: A quart.) Honea was three correct answers away from winning a million dollars.

  • Host Regis Philbin told Honea on Aug. 19’s show that the contestant was wrong when he said Lake Huron was the second largest of the five Great Lakes in area. The show said Lake Michigan but later admitted it had made a research error and invited Honea back.
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