Hazy Memories of Elvis

A 100-piece exhibit, “Memories of Elvis,” from the collection of one George Nichopoulos, features jewelry, autographed photos and other items given to Nichopoulos by Presley. Avid fans of the King may recognize the Nichopoulos name. He was Elvis’s longtime physician who once went on trial charged with overprescribing drugs for Presley. (He was acquitted in 1981, though he was later disbarred from practicing medicine.) Included in his collection — and meant to go on display — is the doc’s black medical bag, containing 13 medicine bottles. One is for Dilaudid, a powerful pain killer prescribed for Presley in the months leading up to his death in 1977. The doctor, now 72, will unveil his exhibit at Memphis’s Hollywood Casino, just south of Graceland. It will run until Jan. 27, after which Nichopoulos plans to take his show on the road.

Additional reporting by Andy Culpepper.

CORRECTION: In the Jan. 20 PEOPLE Daily, the day after he left the hospital, David Letterman was quoted as saying that he intended to spend this weekend “doing some heavy lifting and playing hardball.” That should have been “handball.” Reuters misquoted him.

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