Hayek: The Hard Way

When Salma Hayek first arrived in Hollywood, she thought her fame in Mexico would propel her to movie stardom. Wrong. “It’s very rare that Hollywood writes a female character who’s incredibly smart and sexy and also foreign,” she says in the July issue of Glamour magazine. “Hollywood has never been extremely receptive to Mexican actresses.” Hayek got her big break in the 1997 Antonio Banderas film “Desperado” and since then has starred in several films. She appears opposite Will Smith in this month’s “Wild Wild West.”

  • Hayek is also set to star in the life story of Mexican artist Frida Kahlo, which will be produced by Hayek’s own production company. It is a role that reportedly was once coveted by Madonna. “(Madonna) probably hates my guts,” Hayek said. “But I hope not, because I’m a big fan.”
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