For a time, there were some explosive charges being lobbied by “Survivor: All-Stars” contestant Susan Hawk against fellow player Richard Hatch, both of whom are now off the CBS reality show — Hatch by vote of the Tribal Council last week, and Hawk by her own choice, as shown on Thursday night’s episode.

“I was sexually violated, humiliated, dehumanized and totally spent,” claimed Hawk, 42, a “Survivor: Borneo” castaway from Palmyra, Wis. Hawk charges that she was touched in a sexually inappropriate way by former “Survivor” champ Hatch, also 42, known for playing the game in his birthday suit.

During a challenge on the show, Hawk and Hatch met face-to-face on a beam, with Hatch allegedly stepping toward Hawk so that their bodies touched. “You want some of this?” asked Hatch, leaving Hawk to protest and push past him, while show host Jeff Probst noted aloud the inappropriateness of Hatch’s behavior.

As CBS reports on its own Web site, Hawk could be seen visibly upset and crying on Thursday night’s episode as she recalled the incident. She then declared she was quitting the game: “There’s no way I can continue with my emotions pushed to the ground that much.”

On Friday morning’s CBS “Early Show,” Hawk — who says she has no intention of bringing lawsuits against Hatch, “Survivor” producer Mark Burnett or CBS — told co-anchor Harry Smith, “That evening, when I had time to be by myself, I just kept reliving the incident. It just kept eating into me more and more like a cancer.”

Since then, however, “Me and Richard have had a chance to sit down and hash it out and talk about the incident. And we both have different perspectives on it. But we have come to terms with it and agreed to move forward and past it.”

Said Hatch: “We have a perspective of Sue Hawk as, you know, super tough … And I learned something: You know, she’s a sensitive person. And afterwards, it really, really, got to her. It just started to really, really, get to her. It was emotional.”