By Stephen M. Silverman
Updated March 04, 2004 02:45 PM

Without waiting for the Tribal Council to convene, Susan Hawk, a “Survivor: Borneo” castaway from Palmyra, Wisconsin, chose to go on her own accord during Thursday night’s installment of the CBS reality warhorse “Survivor: All-Stars.”

Hawk, 42, threw in the towel by saying, “I’m spent, and I’m done with this game. There’s no way I can continue … I’m done, I’m walking away.” And away she went.

Among the highlights — and lowlights — on Thursday’s show: Peter Jackson-lookalike Rupert Boneham (“Survivor: Pearl Islands), 40, caught fish, prompting Rob Mariano (“Marquesas”), 28, to carp, “I’m happy. He can continue to feed me till it’s time for him to go. And, that time will be determined by me.” Meanwhile, Shii Ann Huang (“Thailand”), 30, took a dig at Colby Donaldson (“Australian Outback”), 29, when she said, “Captain America with his good teeth, nice smile, handsome guy … he doesn’t respect my game, I don’t necessarily respect his.”

The Reward Challenge involved using a balance beam to send food flying into the air in an attempt to have it land in a basket. Winners got shish kabobs and a grill.

Lex van den Berghe (“Africa”), 40, sealed the win, and the Mogo Mogo tribe got the goods.