He says his kids "love their mom, love their dad and just want to get it over with"

By Mike Fleeman
Updated June 19, 2007 06:00 PM

With a custody fight and the controversy over his drunken video behind him, David Hasselhoff says he and his kids are ready to “move on.”

“It was a bittersweet victory,” the actor said on Ryan Seacrest’s KIIS-FM radio show Tuesday morning. “They love their mom, they love their dad, and they just want to get it over with.”

But Hasselhoff expressed lingering anger about the release of a video showing him drunk and rolling around on a Vegas hotel room floor while munching on a hamburger.

“A private moment like that in anyone’s life should never be exploited like that, especially if your children are involved,” he said. “That’s when this thing happened – that’s when I said: Nobody plays that card.”

The tape was leaked just as his years-long divorce battle with Pamela Bach intensified. A judge on Friday granted Hasselhoff sole custody of their daughters Taylor-Ann, 17, and Hayley, 14, with visitation for Bach.

“The wonderful thing was the judge,” Hasselhoff told Seacrest. “The judge was so honest and complimentary of how honest my children are. And they say, ‘Dad, who cares? Let’s move on.’ And we are.”

Bach, meanwhile, fired her attorney, Debra Opri, on Tuesday. Bach told PEOPLE outside a Los Angeles courtroom after a change-of-attorney hearing: “I had to let her go. What happened on Friday was devastating and puzzling.”

In the hearing, Opri kissed Bach on the cheek and wished her luck, then signed a substitution of attorney form allowing Mark Vincent Kaplan to replace her. Kaplan represented Kevin Federline in his divorce from Britney Spears.

The judge set another hearing for Aug. 16 and a divorce trial for Oct. 1.