Hartman Estate Files Lawsuit

The executor of Phil Hartman’s estate is suing Pfizer Inc., which makes the antidepressant Zoloft. Hartman, 49, star of the TV sitcom “NewsRadio,” was shot to death May 28, 1998, by his wife in the couple’s Encino, Calif., home. Brynn Hartman, 40, then killed herself. Los Angeles psychiatrist Arthur Sorosky, who treated Mrs. Hartman prior to the shootings, was also named in the suit, which claims she wasn’t properly diagnosed and that she suffered side effects from the drug that caused her explosion of violence. Tests conducted after Mrs. Hartman’s death showed she had Zoloft, alcohol and cocaine in her system at the time of the shootings. Gregory Omdahl, Mrs. Hartman’s brother and the executor of the couple’s estate, filed the papers in a Los Angeles court.

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