September 28, 2004 04:00 PM

Prince Harry stunned a group of students – and their headmaster – on Tuesday when he turned up at their school to teach rugby as part of his six weeks of volunteer work around England.

Emerging from a chauffeur-driven Jaguar limo at the Greenfield Primary School and looking every inch a coach, Harry strolled across the field wearing a navy blue Nike fleece top, decorated with the England rose emblem, tracksuit bottoms and Nike sneakers.

His job: to teach three dozen 10- and 11-year-olds tag rugby, a non-contact version of the rough sport that Harry loves.

The 20-year-old prince was met by a group of giggling schoolgirls before he led the players in some warm-ups and talked them through the rudiments of the exercises and scratch matches before them.

“I am really enjoying my time helping to coach rugby,” Harry said during the visit. “The kids are great fun, and I am looking forward to trying to encourage more kids around the country to play rugby. After all, we are the world champions!”

And there may be some future world champs thanks to Coach Harry. Jacob Yorke, 10, called the royal visitor “very helpful” – though Jacob admitted that he didn’t really recognize the prince until he got up close.

So now, is Jacob a rugby fan? “Well, half and half,” he conceded. The other half of him remains devoted to soccer.

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