Harry Styles: Why It Was 'Different' Writing Music Without Zayn Malik

"It was cool how some of the things came out sounding," the boy bander tells Ryan Seacrest

Photo: Josiah Kamau/BuzzFoto/Getty

They’ve still got that “One Thing.”

In an interview with Ryan Seacrest on Thursday, Harry Styles shares what it’s been like to work on One Direction’s upcoming fifth album, the boy band’s first since Zayn Malik‘s abrupt departure.

“It’s definitely been fun for us writing to see what’s been different, just kind of naturally,” Styles says. “The creative process was very similar to be honest, but it was cool how some of the things came out sounding, because obviously there’s a lot of parts that used to get written with Zayn in mind.”

And don’t worry, Directioners: The absence of the band’s requisite “mysterious one” hasn’t impacted the quality of the next album, which Styles, 21, says will be out by the end of the year.

“The new stuff sounds good so far, I think – I hope. We hope the people like it,” he says.

Not only are the boys writing up a storm, but they’re also about to kick off the fifth leg of their On the Road Again world tour this month. According to Styles, the main goal of the tour is to ensure that everybody is having fun.

“We’ve now been touring for a couple years and I think, for us, we have so much fun doing it, so we just wanna make sure that everyone has a good time,” he tells Seacrest. “Even if you’re not the biggest fan we just want everyone to have a good time and go away saying, ‘I enjoyed the show.’

“And obviously, if you are a fan, we really hope that you enjoy the show, and we love you more than the other people,” he jokingly adds.

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Between the tour and the upcoming album, Styles says he’s too busy to even think about going solo.

“When you have so many goals that you feel like you have to achieve, it’s kind of hard to see past those. You need to just focus on what’s going on and not lose track,” he says. “We’re all working towards the same thing right now and not looking past that, we’re just working hard and having a good time.”

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