Harry Potter: Author Honors and a Voice

Today’s news about boy wizard Harry Potter — whose fourth, as-yet secretly titled adventure will be published throughout the English-speaking world on July 8 — concerns his creator and his voice. Author J.K. Rowling was presented with an honorary degree from Scotland’s the University of St. Andrews on Thursday. “Jo Rowling has shown that children’s books are still capable of capturing and enchanting an immense audience, irrespective of the competing attractions of television, Nintendo, Gameboy and Pokemon,” said the university’s Sue Cunningham. As for the audio version of Harry’s new adventure, news comes that it will be released simultaneously with the print edition and will contain 17 CDs or 12 cassettes (listening time: 20 1/2 hours). British stage actor Jim Dale, who played Broadway’s original leading man in “Barnum,” will return to provide 125 voices for the different characters. Only how do you make the sound of money?

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