Move Over Matthew Lewis – Afshan Azad is the Latest 'Harry Potter' Star to Undergo a Stunning Transformation

The actress's looks have changed dramatically since appearing in the serie's final movie in 2011

Photo: Courtesy Everett Collection; Courtesy Afshan Azad

Now that’s one magical makeover.

British actress and model Afshan Azad, best known for playing Ravenclaw twin Padma Patil in the Harry Potter film series, stopped the Internet in its tracks on Friday after her maturation into a stunning woman was discovered by fans.

The actress starred as Patil in the popular films, a Hogwarts student who attended the Yule Ball with Ron Weasley in 2005’s Goblet of Fire.

Azad, who’s of Bangladeshi origin, was amused by all the attention she’s received after BuzzFeed revealed her post-Potter transformation.

“As much as I’m flattered, is there a need?” she Tweeted on Friday, linking back to the article, which features photos of the 27-year-old model.

The actress went on to thank fans for the “love,” writing, “You guys are too much!”

Azad also shut down haters who insinuated the star’s different looks were due to surgery, saying that her impressive cheekbones are due to makeup skills.

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“Oh and FYI for all you haters, I have NEVER had any form of plastic surgery, so keep your comments to yourself and get your facts straight,” she wrote Friday, adding “Contouring and Highlighting is EVERYTHING.”

The actress previously grabbed headlines when she had to flee her home in 2010 after her Muslim father and brother threatened to kill her for dating a Hindu man. Azad’s brother Ashraf was jailed for six months in 2011 for the brutal assault of his sister, who was 22 at the time, which left her bruised and swollen, according to the BBC. The star reportedly forgave her family for the incident, and requested her brother not serve the time.

Azad, who also retweeted several fans that expressed awe over her good looks, is just the latest Harry Potter star to stun in the year’s following the series’s final installment.

Matthew Lewis, 26, who’s transformation from awkward wizard Neville Longbottom into total eye candy captivated the Internet and even inspired a new word – “Longbottomed,” defined best by Urban Dictionary as when “an unpopular, bumbling, pathetic person who underwent an extreme personality change, becomes physically attractive.”

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