Prince Charles wants an apology for a front-page article that appeared in Britain’s Mirror Wednesday under the front-page headline “Harry’s Had an Accident,” about a minor sports injury that Prince Harry suffered at school. On Thursday, a Mirror editorial reproduced a letter of rebuke from the Palace about the tabloid’s having carried the story in the first place. “We believe you are entitled to know if an heir to the throne is involved in an accident,” the paper told its readers, adding, “We can say that Harry’s injuries are not serious. But the accident was considered grave enough for him to be taken to hospital.” Charles, however, felt the story was intrusive and sensational. His secretary, Stephen Lamport, wrote to the Mirror and said the paper breached the Royal Family’s request to grant Harry, 14, and Prince William, 16, complete privacy in their school lives. “I hope that for these reasons you will be ready to apologize publicly to Prince Harry,” his letter stated.

  • Mirror editor Piers Morgan said he did not believe the request for a public apology was appropriate and called Lamport’s letter “a thinly disguised attempt to bully and censor the press.”
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