The singer opens up about family life and why he loves being a homebody
Credit: John Huba

When he’s not on tour, Harry Connick Jr. loves nothing better than to “cool out” in his Connecticut home – a converted barn that was originally built in 1890 – with his wife of 19 years, former Victoria’s Secret model Jill Goodacre, 49, and their daughters Georgia, 17, Kate, 15, and Charlotte, 11.

They’ll gather in the den to watch movies on a drop-down TV screen or play a game of Bananagrams, or the singer will indulge a request to bang out a song on the Steinway piano his wife got him for his 30th birthday.

“One of my daughters had some girlfriends over the other night, and they wanted me to play ‘Don’t Stop Believin” by Journey,” says Connick, 45.

“We like the fact that it’s a pretty laid-back life here in Connecticut. We can just be home. There’s no scene. We can just live our lives and not really deal with the industry.”