Harrison Ford Suffered 'Bad Laceration' to Scalp in Plane Crash, Says Eyewitness

"He wasn't in too much pain. He complained about his head and back," a source at the crash scene tells PEOPLE

Photo: Jordan Strauss/AP

Harrison Ford had a 5-to-6-inch gash about “the size of a pancake” in his scalp when he emerged from his crashed plane, an eyewitness tells PEOPLE.

“He had a pretty bad laceration. It went from the middle of his scalp down his forehead to the right,” says the eyewitness, who arrived on the scene within five minutes of the crash.

“It was a clean cut and wasn’t bleeding too much, considering,” adds the witness.

Several onlookers immediately rushed to Ford’s aid, including a hospital aid and a spine surgeon who happened to be at the golf course at the time.

The doctors asked the 72-year-old Star Wars star several questions and checked his pulse and other vital signs.

“He was totally stunned,” says the observer. “He was a little bit confused about what was going on. He knew who he was and obviously that he was in an accident, but he wasn’t in too much pain. He complained about his head and back.”

Already the bearer of one of Hollywood’s most famous scars – the line on his chin became such a trademark for Ford that it got its own origin story in 1989’s Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade – “there’s probably a good chance he’s going to have a big scar” from the accident, adds the observer.

Reporting by MELODY CHIU

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