Harrison Ford Is Not Solo At 'Star Wars' Premiere As He Arrives with Wife Calista Flockhart

The seventh installment in the Star Wars franchise premiered at The TCL Theatre in Hollywood.

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It may be Han Solo and Princess Leia on the big screen, but it’s all about Harrison Ford and Calista Flockhart in real life.

The married couple were all smiles at the Star Wars: The Force Awakens premiere on Monday at the TCL Chinese Theatre in Los Angeles.

The 73-year-old actor looked suave in a black suit and baby blue collared shirt, while the 51-year-old Supergirl star color-coordinated in a long-sleeve LBD with jeweled collar detailing.

Over 38 years since his first Star Wars premiere, Ford – who broke his leg during the latest production – expressed the big difference of going to the first showings then and now.

“In the 70s nobody knew what to anticipate, nobody had ever seen anything like it,” he shared on the red carpet – streamed live on http://www.starwars.com/. “Now we have to live up to what the first film delivered.”

Ford joked about another difference between attending the premieres then and now while speaking to reporters on the red carpet.

“I was much better looking [back then],” he said.

The actor also downplayed the hoopla at Monday’s premiere, casting himself as a guy simply doing his job rather than a beloved icon for decades.

“Come on, I just work here,” he said. “I’m just delighted to be here. I love my life. I love the opportunity to make films. I love to work with many talented people.”

With over $50 million in pre-sale tickets sold and many fans already lined up ahead of the official Dec. 18. release, the actor jokingly brushed off the pressures of delivering a box office success.

“I m really excited to get this movie out there to the audience and see how they feel about it,” he said. “And [then] have a nice, long sleep.”

With reporting by SCOTT HUVER

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