Plus: Brokaw bows out, Sizemore and Kravitz sued, and more

By Todd Peterson
Updated October 25, 2004 09:00 AM

BANNED: Harrison Ford is just saying no to hunting on his Wyoming ranch, the Associated Press reports. Officials for the Wyoming Game and Fish Department are attempting to thin out the herd of more than 5,000 elk that populate the state, but Ford doesn’t want any of them hunted on his property. Game officials want to keep the population down because they are worried too many elk may spread disease when mixing with cattle. But it won’t happen at the actor’s ranch. “(Ford) told me that if I caught anyone (hunting) to turn them in,” his ranch manager told AP.

ENDED: Not only will Nov. 2 mark the winner of the presidential election (we think), it may also be the last big event for veteran NBC anchor Tom Brokaw. The newsman is stepping down from his desk on Dec. 1, AP reports. Brokaw will be broadcasting from New York’s Rockefeller Center as the candidates’ votes are tallied. The 64-year-old journalist said that being replaced is a natural transition. “It’s a new generation taking over,” Brokaw said.

SUED: Troubled actor Tom Sizemore is in more hot water. A woman has filed a lawsuit in Los Angeles accusing Sizemore of groping her, making lewd statements and exposing himself to her, AP reports. Last October, Sizemore was sentenced to six months in jail for physically abusing onetime girlfriend Heidi Fleiss. Last month his parole was revoked after Sizemore did not complete a drug test. Rocker Lenny Kravitz is facing legal problems of his own, as an insurance company has filed suit, alleging that a blocked toilet in Kravitz’s New York apartment resulted in “sustained catastrophic water damage” to the apartment below his, says AP. The plugged commode allegedly did more than $300,000 worth of water damage.

CELEBRATED: He’s not getting older, he’s getting better. Exercise patriarch Jack LaLanne celebrated his 90th birthday at California’s Muscle Beach on Saturday, nearly a month after he actually hit the 9-0 milestone, AP reports. LaLanne helped popularize bodybuilding in the 1940s by performing acrobatic feats at the beach. He later starred in his own popular TV exercise show that ran from 1951 to 1985.

CHANGED: Sean "P. Diddy" Combs is making his own swing-state tour. In the days leading up to the election, the hip-hop mogul is taking his get-out-the-vote campaign to such states as Ohio, Pennsylvania and Florida, AP reports. Dubbed the Citizen Change campaign, Combs is enlisting other celebrities in registering new voters, particularly those between the ages of 18 and 35.