George Harrison, 58, has moved into a luxury villa in the Italian-speaking southern Swiss canton of Ticino, where he was recently treated for a brain tumor, Swiss newspapers reported on Wednesday. The former Beatle and his wife, Olivia, purchased the hillside house, which has 14 bedrooms, six bathrooms and a swimming pool, from London-based wine merchant Timothy Abegg, according to the papers. The residence, which is perched above Lake Lugano in the village of Montagnola, was once home to Nobel Literature laureate Hermann Hesse (“Siddhartha”). Harrison underwent radiation at a Swiss cancer clinic in Bellinzona during May and June. Last month, Harrison, who is the youngest Beatle, responded to news reports that said he was near death by issuing a statement that he was “active and feeling very well” and “disappointed and disgusted” by the reports, which were termed “unsubstantiated, untrue, insensitive and uncalled for.”