June 29, 1998 12:00 AM

Florida’s embattled secretary of state, Katherine Harris, 43, one of the key players in the election mess in the Sunshine State, has a pristine past, reveals The Washington Post. The newspaper reports that Harris very likely played Snow White at Walt Disney World in Orlando when she was a teenager. Hoping to confirm Harris’s employment in the Magic Kingdom, The Post contacted Madam secretary, who didn’t return the paper’s calls on Tuesday. But Disney spokeswoman Diane Ledder did say that Harris worked part-time as a “pageant hostess” at the theme park from November 1973 until July 1975. Ledder would not describe what precise duties being a pageant hostess entailed, other than to say that the job title no longer exists. “We do not generally reveal costumed character identities,” she told The Post, which speculates that today the Seven Dwarfs are probably lawyers.

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