Harding Out of Jail

Former skating star Tonya Harding, 29, was released on Sunday after serving three days in jail for hitting boyfriend, Darren Silver, with a hubcap. Yesterday she was to begin 10 days of community service on a work crew at a cemetery in Camas, Wash., where she lives, to tidy up the place in preparation for Memorial Day. She also issued a statement in which she apologized to family and friends — and to Silver. “I want you all to know that I still love Darren very much,” said Harding. But in an interview with TV’s “Inside Edition,” Silver, 28, said Harding’s attack was prompted after the two of them had been imbibing. “I was in shock. She hurt my pride more than my face,” he said. Though he is not willing to get back together with Harding, he did say, “I just want her to be happy and not harmed.”

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