Harding Arrested

Former Olympic ice skater Tonya Harding, no stranger to trouble, was arrested Tuesday night at her home in Camas, Wash., on charges of fourth-degree domestic violence. Accused of tossing a hubcap at her live-in boyfriend of three years, Darren Silver, and bloodying him in the face by punching him, Harding was ordered to appear in court today. According to police, the skirmish began in a barn that Harding, 29, and Silver, 28, use as a garage behind their house. Both appeared intoxicated, authorities said. Harding told officers that Silver had pinned her to the ground and she hit him to protect herself. Six years ago Harding gained national attention for her involvement in an attack on her chief skating rival, Nancy Kerrigan. (Friends and Harding’s ex-husband hatched the scheme, which Harding admitted she had helped cover up.) As a result, Harding was banned from amateur skating for the rest of her life. Today she teaches figure skating at a Portland, Ore., mall.

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