Jeff McCurry/Cincinnati Zoo and Botanical Garden via The Cincinatti Enquirer/ AP
September 15, 2016 02:10 PM

NFL fans are once again able to add ‘Harambe’ to jerseys designed online after the name was banned from custom orders on Wednesday.

Harambe became an Internet meme after the endangered 17-year-old silverback gorilla was shot and killed by officials at the Cincinnati Zoo in May after he was seen dragging a 3-year-old boy who fell into his enclosure.

An employee of Fanatics – an online sports apparel retailer that powers major North American leagues like NFL, NBA, MLB and NHL – was responsible for adding the name to a frequently updated list of banned words that fans cannot add to merchandise orders.

Fanatics spokesperson Meier Raivich, who calls the name ban an “error,” says ‘Harambe’ was removed from the prohibitive list and customers are able to request the name again as of Thursday.

“There is no ban on ‘Harambe’ and the NFL never asked for this name to be banned. It turns out a Fanatics employee, in an effort to be vigilant and keep the banned list as current as possible, took it upon themselves to ban the word across our sites. Once we realized the error, we fixed the issue and ‘Harambe’ is now available again,” Raivich tells PEOPLE in a statement.

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Fanatics has not immediately responded to inquiries as to why the employee added ‘Harambe’ to the banned list in the first place.

The Fanatics list of unavailable words includes thousands of profane phrases and slang words.

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