Hannah Hart and Grace Helbig reveal new details and a behind-the-scenes video about their new superhero series

By Kara Warner
April 19, 2016 04:45 PM

Are you ready to see Hannah Hart and Grace Helbig as superheroes?

The two YouTube stars are getting ready for the release of their new series, Electra Woman and Dyna Girl and PEOPLE has the inside scoop, complete with an exclusive behind-the-scenes video and intel from the stars.

Robin Roemer

In the series produced by Legendary Digital Studios – which will be released in the U.S. by Fullscreen on April 26 and as a feature film worldwide by Sony Pictures Home Entertainment on June 7 – the two real-life friends star as two superheroes trying to make it big in the superhero industry after moving from their small town to Los Angeles.

“It’s a really fun series about friendship amidst the responsibility of protecting the rest of society,” Helbig tells PEOPLE. “I like to think it’s Gilmore Girls meets Avengers.”

Robin Roemer

Hart and Helbig are excited for people to experience the funny and the fun in the series, which is comprised of eight 11-minute episodes, not to mention the fact that the leading ladies got to play badass superheroes in custom supersuits.

“Grace and I were pretty involved with the director and the costume department while the suits were being crafted,” explains Hart. “We wanted to make sure that they weren’t over-sexualized and functional for crime fighting. When I first tried mine on I felt amazing! Like a total badass!”

“Our characters go through a major supersuit upgrade in the show,” adds Helbig. “The original suits they had were real tough to enjoy. They were like wearing spandex tissue paper. But the new supersuits were awesome. They were comfortable and practical and badass. What a combo!”

Electra Woman and Dyna Girl will be available to stream in the U.S. April 26 on Fullscreen and released worldwide by Sony Pictures on June 7.