Hanks Yanks Bill Support

Tom Hanks, one of President Clinton’s staunchest defenders in the past, now “regrets” having contributed $10,000 to the Commander-in-Chief’s legal defense fund in light of the Sexgate scandal, the actor tells the New Yorker magazine. Hanks’ reversal is seen as the first defection in the pro-Clinton Hollywood camp (consisting of such names as Steven Spielberg, Barbra Streisand, Michael Douglas and Ron Howard). “We gave 10,000 bucks. Very early on,” Hanks told the magazine, referring to himself and his actress-wife Rita Wilson. “In all honesty, in light of the events since, it would be awfully hard to say now, ‘Oh, here, let me help you out with this problem.'” Hanks also hinted at running for office himself, perhaps for the Senate.

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