A performance of the play Hand to God was interrupted by an audience member who climbed onstage

By Drew Mackie
Updated July 07, 2015 02:10 AM
Credit: Joan Marcus

Even if you had never been to a live theater performance before, you might be able to guess the rules that audience members are expected to follow. Don’t talk, for example. Show up on time.

Oh, and don’t climb onto the stage and attempt to recharge your phone using one of the prop outlets built into the set.

That last rule was not obvious for one audience member at a July 2 performance of the Broadway play Hand to God. Theatergoer Chris York posted about the incident on Facebook, explaining that “the crew had to stop the pre-show music, remove the cellphone, and make an announcement as to why you can’t do that.”

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Theater magazine Playbillconfirmed that the incident happened and also noted that the outlet onstage was just a prop – it wasn’t hooked up to an electrical source.

Hand to God actors Sarah Stiles and Marc Kudisch posted to Twitter about their confusion over the incident.