John Spink/AP
December 19, 2013 11:00 AM

Drivers on a Georgia interstate had an unusual opportunity to pig out Thursday, when a truck carrying 40,000 pounds of ham overturned on an onramp, throwing its cargo across the road.

The so-called “ham jam” occurred when truck driver Riva Vargas crashed into the curve of the entrance ramp to I-85. Fortunately, he escaped without serious injury. The same could not be said of his porcine cargo, which spilled out the top of the tractor-trailer.

At 1/3 pound of ham per serving, that works out to 120,000 Christmas dinners ruined.

“I didn’t see no signs that there was a curve,” Vargas told the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. “Going 40 mph and trying to find the turnoff to 85 and when I saw the arrows, I tried to brake.”

On Thursday morning, transit authorities refused to speculate on when the onramp would be clear of the ham.

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